Eagles History

1978 Eagles History
Camarillo Youth Soccer Club Founded

Camarillo Youth Soccer Club, known as the Camarillo Eagles, is founded by Lee White, Russ Pinto, Jim Freeland and Ed Eysenring. That same year Eagles I becomes the El Camino Real League Champions. 

1980 Eagles History
Eagles Expansion

1980 was a year of expansion for the Camarillo Eagles. The club grew in numbers from 2-5 teams. Kristi White becomes the first female Eagles player on the Camarillo Eagles III Boys U12 team. Later that year Eagles VI becomes the first all girls Eagles soccer team.

2004 Eagles History
The First Star

GU14 USYSA National Champions

Eagles GU14, alongside Head Coach Vince Thomas and Assistant Coach Mike Alexander, earn the Eagles Soccer Club their first championship star by winning the 2004 USYSA National Championship game 2-1 vs. Oklahoma ESC '90 Black in Orlando, FL.

2007 Eagles History
1 Team = 2 National Championship Stars

GU17 USYSA National Champions

The Eagles GU17 team became the first girls team (ages 15-19) ever to capture the Cal South state title, the Far West Regional League crown, and the Region IV title in the same year. They were a three-time Surf Cup “Super Group” champion and had won 137 matches against just 16 losses since capturing the US Youth Soccer National Championship in 2004. They defeated the Dallas Texans 90 Red 3-2 for the Eagles second championship title in Frisco, TX.

2010 Eagles History
Third Star's a Charm

GU23 USASA National Champions

The Eagles GU23 team defeated Arizona Rush Nike 2-1 the USASA National Championship in Overland Park, KS. The Eagles U23 team becomes the second team in the 32 year history of women's championships  to ever win three US National titles.

2011 Eagles History
Eagles Joins The Elite Club National League

After years of competing in local leagues as well as the Coast Soccer League (CSL) Eagles joins the Elite Club National League (ECNL) to provide a higher level of competition for its players.

2011 Eagles History
Eagles Make History

GU23 USASA National Champions

The Eagles GU23 team wins back to back National Championships for the Eagles Soccer Club by  defeating the Kansas City Dynamos 2-2 (4-2 PKs) in Overland Park, KS. The girls make history by becoming the first team ever to win four age specific US National Championships (2004, 2007, 2010, 2011).

2014 Eagles History
5 Stars and counting...

GU13 USYSA President's Cup National Champions

The Eagles fifth National Championship star was won in 2014 by the GU13 team at the USYSA President's Cup in Greenville, SC. The U13 girls were victorious 2-0 over Texas Sting East 01 Grey in the championship game.

2017 Eagles History
The US Development Academy

In 2017, Eagles is invited to join the US Development Academy. The DA was created to develop world-class players by providing elite, driven youth talents with development environments, which meet the highest standards, that empower them to reach their full potential.

2019 Eagles History
Back To The Elite Club National League

Eagles decides to leave the DA program in 2019 and rejoin the Elite Club National League (ECNL). Also in 2019, ECNL launches the Elite Club Regional League. After a small but tremendously successful pilot program during the 2018-2019 season, the ECNL Girls Regional League platform expanded to include 6 leagues in the 2019-20 season which was suspended due to COVID-19.