Kathleen Kelley

About The President

Kathleen Kelley was born in Oxnard, CA and moved to Camarillo in 1987.  This is where she and her husband Robert “Buddy” Kelley raised their four children. The Kelley family was very involved in the local Camarillo soccer community. Kathleen was a volunteer for the Camarillo AYSO Board from 1992-1997.  When the Kelley’s decided to make the jump for their children from playing on the local AYSO teams into competitive soccer they joined the Eagles Soccer Club.  In 1998, Kathleen joined the Eagles Soccer Club Board in an effort to help take the Eagles Soccer Club to the next level in competitive soccer. In 2002, Kathleen was elected President of Eagles Soccer Club. Kathleen works closely with her board members and coaches to create a competitive and family friendly environment for all its members.